A triumph for high definition entertainment – 40″ EH6030 Series 6 3D Full HD LED TV

Article 1 - 40 EH6030 Series 6 3D Full HD LED TV (800x533)

The 40″ EH6030 Series 6 3D HD LED TV gives a truly spectacular experience to lovers of entertainment. You can enjoy unbelievable clarity and sharpness in your ultra-high definition viewing.

Through Samsung’s innovative approach to LED backlighting, the images that appear on screen are now brighter, crisper and clearer than ever before. This lighting helps to improve the sharpness and clarity of motion as well as providing a vaster ranger of colour than other standard LCD televisions.

If you ever wanted to feel more involved and immersed in your entertainment, then now you can be with the EH6030’s 3D imaging. This television brings the action on screen into an entirely new dimension of reality so you almost want to reach out and touch it.

With ConnectShare Movie integration, you can bring all the media that you love most to a whole new level. Simply plug in a USB memory drive to unlock everything that your favourite movies, photos and music has to offer.


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